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Carsales is our own project in Fiji which is lauched in October 2015. The site will serve a purpose to provide a market place for car dealars and indivual to trade cars online. The site is designed to cater car dealers to easily post their stock cars and showcase them to the public within Fiji island.


We custom designed the site on Joomla. As this is a custom design, we did not use any framework for the development. Features of the site are the ability to provide car sellers with multple cars to sell at a very affordable cost. For individual users, the use of site is completely free, with some limitations which will not hinder the ability to sell the car online.


  • Joomla
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • Custom Design
  • Logo
  • Responsive Design
  • Use of AMAZON CDN to optimise content delivery faster


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