Enhancing Your Customer Online Shopping Experience

You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by having an online presence. This will give your business a wider exposure of clients and customers

Do I need an Online Shop

There is no definite answer to this. However, if you run a business with products less than 5 then you may not necessarily require a full-blown e-commerce type of website. By using the current site, you can list your items and provide a link to the gateway payment (e.g. PayPal).

However, if you feature many products, then an online shopping solution may suit you better. You can organise your products and services into different categories to provide your customers ease of navigation. You can also conveniently add and remove products from your virtual shop with only a couple of clicks! Not to mention, as a business owner you are making a big effort helping your customer shopping with you.

Is E-Commerce Site Expensive?

A proper ecommerce website will have an online payment gateway for your customers to pay the goods or services online. The simplest and the most common way is to use PayPal services to accept payment online. Upon receiving payments, PayPal will send a confirmation email to you. You then prepare to dispatch the goods to the customers.

Normally, an online shop solution will cost somewhere around $3000 and above. This of course depends on the complexity of your requirements.

Here at Fiji Web Service, we provide fully customised open source solution for your ecommerce website. This means, faster development, and lower cost when compared to building the online shop solution from the bottom up!

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