Mobile phones and smartphones account to a whooping 20% of web traffic in the world. This emergence makes sense to turn your business website into mobile ready design.

What is mobile ready design? By technical definition, mobile ready design comprise of three important elements on the websites which make the websites responsive to different devices views. These three components are grid / fluid grid design, media queries, and the latest addition to bootstrap 3 has enabled image responsive as well. Setting aside the technical aspects, what does mobile ready design mean for your current websites? It simply means people can view your websites on a mobile devices without having to do a lot of pinching on the screen. The navigation simply blends into the device viewing area, and makes the presentation of your contents easy to read.

In early 2015 Google has implemented an addition to its search algorithm to include mobile ready website in the ranking. This means if your website is not mobile ready, you could possibly lose potential viewers when they search on their smartphones. 

All of our design are now mobile ready by default. This is part of our commitment to provide the best online presence solutions for Fijian and South Pacific business owners. 

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