In this digital age, there are more businesses listing their services online than in traditional offline business listing such as yellow pages.

The fact that businesses are listing their services online, it drives the competitive level within the industry. Search engine optimisation is a technique of making sure that a website is search engine friendly. There are no specific formula on how to achieve this as each business and therefore each website is unique. If done right, search engine will index your website and present it to the people who are searching the information online.

Gone are the days where web developers simply stuffed keywords on a website layout and hoping the search engine will tag that keywords and deem it to be relevant. It did its glory 15 years ago, but search engine has become a much more intelligent machine that filters website according to its content relevancy rather than just looking at the site's keywords.

At Fiji Web Design, we design beautiful website whilst making sure that your website is search engine friendly. There are many factors that make up a success story on SEO, such as relevant contents, speed, as well as mobility

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